Web Compatibility Test of different IE Versions in One Computer

I have tried almost every browser, and my favorite one is Google Chrome:

  1. Fast
  2. Easy to sync everything I need
  3. Easy for web developing
  4. … more …

But this is not the execuse that I can never care about IE. In my daily life, I have many web related projects. Even I use Chrome, I must care for the users who use IE to visit my works.

Sincerely, I hate IE (all versions), becasue it takes away a lot of time from me for hacking on it.

As all web developers know, we can hardly install multi-verions of IEs in the same computer(Virtaul machine is too memory comsuming). In old days, I use IETester to test my websites in different IEs. But it is out-of-date now.

The great news is that, actually, IE already gives us a way to do that:

Press "F12", you can go into Dev tools.


###I find in this way, IE mode under 9 cannot be detected by this browser detector.