freetwitterkeywords: a fun project

This project is started by my friend Aki, who has a lot of experience of big data and is the most awesome I have seen so far. (A secret: His mother is very good at cooking!)

Our goal is:

Better keyword targeting suggestions than Twitter's tool

Now, you are reading this article, please check out this link http://freetwitterkeywords.com/ to have a play. I know the user interface is very awful ugly, but I already tried my best so far, and keep making it better and better.

How to play:

  1. Input your keyword(it may take 30 seconds to display the 15 results)
  2. When you mouse over one of the 15 results, the system will try to retrieve several most popular tweets from Twitter API (Due to the limitation of maximal 180 requests per 15 minutes, I cache the result in your browser, so only one request when you mouse over the same result —- However, in this case, the limitation may still be exceeded)

Someone has a better idea for step 2? Feel free to discuss it here.