My Windows Tools

I am a software developer, and during my daily work time I use a DELL laptop with Win7. Since I have used windows for a long time, and used and am using a lot of awesome tools, below is the list of tools I recommend.

Basic(must have)

  1. JDK 6, 8 (My company uses 6, and 8 is for my personal use)
  2. Node.js
  3. Git(GitHub)


  1. Intellij: [The community version is free] I used eclipse before, but after I use Intellij, I fall love with it
  2. PHPStorm: for PHP

Text Editor

  1. Sublime Text 3: faster than Atom
  2. Atom
  3. Text Editor Anywhere: Edit Text Anywhere with Your Favorite Editor
  4. MarkdownPad 2: bought before, but not used so much
  5. Brackets: Just use this for front-end development


  1. WinSCP + Putty: the best SFTP(SSH) combination so far in my mind
  2. ConEmu: a cmd tool
  3. Gow(Gnu On Windows): lightweight alternative to Cygwin
  4. PC Hunter: A poweful windows system tool(hasn’t been updated for a long time)
  5. Wox: An effective launcher for windows, like Alfred in Mac
  6. Zeal: Zeal is an offline documentation browser inspired by Dash
  7. Q-Dir: Another Windows Explorer
  8. virgo: Virtual desktops for Windows
  9. jd-gui: Standalone Java Decompiler GUI
  10. Virtual CloneDrive
  11. ADSafe净网大师: a client which can remove ads
  12. Rapid Environment Editor: an environment variables editor


  1. Foxmail: I use this both in Windows and Mac

Intellij Plugins

  1. CodeGlance: Embeds a code minimap, not very stable, sometimes crashes
  2. MyBatis plugin: Useful for MyBatis related operations, not free
  3. VisualVM Launcher: Launches VisualVM from within IDEA
  4. [JRebel]: myJRebel, a free version for personal usage


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