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Quick start: swagger, spring-boot and Jersey

在做服务器端API开发的时候,如何保持文档的更新是一个比较头疼的问题。试过写成word文档,缺点很明显: 更新不及时 不便于查阅 也试过用其他的在线API管理工具,太懒了,总是无法保持更新。而且大多数服务还是收费的。

Java: JDK居然有个叫整型池的东西

其实下面这些个assert语句都可以通过junit测试。 [email protected] void integerValueOfTest() { Assert.assertTrue(Integer.valueOf(-128) == Integer.valueOf(-128)); Assert.assertFalse(Integer.valueOf(128) == Integer.valueOf(128)); Assert.assertTrue(Integer.valueOf(127) == Integer.valueOf(127)); Assert.assertTrue(Integer.valueOf(1) == Integer.valueOf(1)); Assert.assertFalse(Integer.valueOf(1000) == Integer.valueOf(1000));}

Java Mail中文乱码


Java: Test a file is image or not

There are many ways to check whether a file is image. For example, check the file extension(jpg, png, gif …). But this is not so safe, in a web environment, user may rename XXX.exe, to XXX.jpg, then s/he can succeed to upload it. In this case, it can induce security problem.

Design Pattern: Decorator & Proxy

I think it is better to master 23 Design Patterns as a Java developer. After I have a brief study, I find design pattern is not a new concept, and I have already used some of them in my daily projects unconsciously. Here I will describe some details about Decorator and Proxy, as I find they share something in common.