Enable postman json tree view

As a qualified backend programmer, we need to deal with JSON data from time to time.

Currently, many backend programmers use Postman to test API requests. However, Postman as a tool itself does not provide particularly powerful JSON data visualization. For example, it only offers simple code-level data folding and cannot perceive the specific number of elements inside a list.

Original Postman Response View

To compensate for Postman’s shortcomings, I often use JSON Editor Online to parse and visualize JSON data more effectively. The Tree View feature allows us to focus on the data of interest by collapsing irrelevant parts. However, it dampens my enthusiasm as it requires manual copying and pasting of data each time.

But after closely examining Postman, I discovered the existence of a “Visualize” tab. My intuition tells me that this could be the solution I need.

Visualize Tab

In short, let’s jump straight to the demo: By enabling the JSON tree view plugin, we can achieve the following effect.

Tree View

How to set up

  1. Select the “Collections” you want to enable this feature from the left side bar (for example: I picked “Local Test” here)
  2. Select “Test” Tab, and past the code into the text area.
  3. Then all requests in that collection will be enabled with tree view from visualize tab.
  4. Note: You can also enable this code for a single request only rather than a collection by pasting the code into the request’s “tests” tab.



Thanks to the opne source project: josdejong/jsoneditor