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之前博客一直以纯静态的方式托管在GitHub Page里面(是基于Hexo的),遗憾的是 百度蜘蛛频繁乱爬,导致GitHub对它采取了屏蔽。(参考:解决 Github Pages 禁止百度爬虫的方法与可行性分析)另外这篇文章末尾给出了一个解决该问题的可行方法,但是我个人没有试。 GitHub Page虽然支持自定义域名,但是对https支持的不好(这是一个次要的理由)。

Nginx: 简单负载均衡

工作之前的时候,做任何web项目,我都会选择用PHP,简洁,快速,有时候很赞同PHP是世界上最好的语言,但是有些时候还是不如Java来的利索。可惜的是Java“不支持”热部署(至少在生产环境下不建议热部署), 导致每次部署都会有一段服务下线的时间(更糟糕的是用户的session也会随之丢失,最最糟糕的时候,每次部署,有时候还不得不重启一下Tomcat)。

grunt-gh-pages: Deploy Your Website into GitHub Pages

Recently, I am learning AngularJS, and I “believe” I have some progress, so that I cannot wait to puslish my work to the public. This is the repository for the AngularJS demo I write in GitHub. And I publish this work at this link:, which is a static page hosted in GitHub Pages.

Responsive Table to List View With CSS

This post is related to how to make a responsive table into a List view when the browser width is pretty small. Table collapses into a “list” on small screens. Headers are pulled from data attributes. You can find the origin post here: And you can download the ZIP package with this link:

Web Compatibility Test of different IE Versions in One Computer

I have tried almost every browser, and my favorite one is Google Chrome: Fast Easy to sync everything I need Easy for web developing … more … But this is not the execuse that I can never care about IE. In my daily life, I have many web related projects. Even I use Chrome, I must care for the users who use IE to visit my works.