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我不是一个喜欢阅读很厚的书的人,即使是计算机相关的书。我曾经唯一读过的一本相对比较厚的应该就是《明朝那些事儿》了,当时读它也是因为本科要毕业了实在无所事事,二来正好那个时间很喜欢装B。 至于我为什么读《历史深处的民国》,我想是因为我这段时间过得太操蛋了。我想摆脱一下当前这种除了代码就是房子的事务的生活。

My First Hackthon

Maybe in the June, Wen, the CEO of Smarking Inc gave a link to apply YC Hackthon. Then, in a morning, when I was waiting the subway, I got the email that my application was accepted. Not so superised, as it just means I still did the same thing(coding) in a different place. Thanks for the CMU competition, Wen can afford the flight fee for us to CA. (31st July ~ 4 August)