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Enable postman json tree view

As a qualified backend programmer, we need to deal with JSON data from time to time. Currently, many backend programmers use Postman to test API requests. However, Postman as a tool itself does not provide particularly powerful JSON data visualization. For example, it only offers simple code-level data folding and cannot perceive the specific number of elements inside a list.

When git force pushed before a pull

Git, a widely used version control system, empowers developers to collaborate seamlessly and manage code repositories efficiently. However, even with its robust features and safeguards, human mistakes can still occur, leading to potential code conflicts and loss of work. One such common pitfall is force-pushing changes before performing a pull operation. And I just made it happen today.

SaltyNote Implementation - Service

SaltyNote is a Chrome Extension that provides the immersive page notes taken experience. The users can view all the notes taken on the current page from the right sidebar without leaving the page. In this article, I will introduce the implementation of the SaltyNote service.

Quick start: swagger, spring-boot and Jersey

在做服务器端API开发的时候,如何保持文档的更新是一个比较头疼的问题。试过写成word文档,缺点很明显: 更新不及时 不便于查阅 也试过用其他的在线API管理工具,太懒了,总是无法保持更新。而且大多数服务还是收费的。



Java: JDK居然有个叫整型池的东西

其实下面这些个assert语句都可以通过junit测试。 12345678@Testpublic void integerValueOfTest() { Assert.assertTrue(Integer.valueOf(-128) == Integer.valueOf(-128)); Assert.assertFalse(Integer.valueOf(128) == Integer.valueOf(128)); Assert.assertTrue(Integer.valueOf(127) == Integer.valueOf(127)); Assert.assertTrue(Integer.valueOf(1) == Integer.valueOf(1)); Assert.assertFalse(Integer.valueOf(1000) == Integer.valueOf(1000));}