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Fix: Tomcat7 restart too slow in Ubuntu 14.04

I have two servers in DigitalOcean, and both of them are Ubutun with tomcat 7. Recently, I found that if I want to restart tomcat, it will cost me more than 5 minutes(No errors during this). And the worest is(almots half an hour): 1INFO: Server startup in 1497026 ms

Note: why SVN is so slow to connect to server

It happens from one month ago after I changed my windows domain password(Damn windows forced me to do that). Then every time when I want to commit to server, I need to input my password(SVN won’t save it for me), what’s more, SVN always needs more than 3 minutes to connect with server at background.

Tomcat7: Change Port to 80

I have many servers, which run Java Web applications. For development, I like Jetty, but for production, I prefer Tomcat7 now. In ubuntu, you need root permission to use ports under 1024.

Ubuntu: change time zone

Recently, I always have work in Ubuntu servers. And sometimes when I tried to output a timestamp from server side to front end, I find something is “wrong”. Such I want time in EST, but the default is UTC.