Hexo site search plugin with Tipue

I used to use swiftype as my site search engine, however, it does not provide nay free plan now, what’s more, the price is too high for my personal blog (Seems my previous free plan is not auto cancelled by swiftype). However, it is time to find an alternative now. And it is Tipue search.


I go through hexo plugin page very carefully, and find there are 2 related plugins may be helpful for me:

  1. hexo-generator-search: this is XML based
  2. hexo-generator-json-content: this is JSON based

I tried to use the latter one(I like JSON more than XML), but find I cannot use it well, as I am not a JS expert. Also, I googled some Open-Source search engine tools, and I finally find TIPUE SEARCH


Now I have the Open-Source search engine tool and JSON generator. But the JSON generated by hexo-generator-json-content does not fit Tipue Search. Comes 2 solutions now:

  1. customize hexo-generator-json-content
  2. customize Tipue Search

This is not a difficult decision, and I prefer the first one.

So I create this repo: Hexo-Tipue-Search-Json

How to install it

You can find all information you want here: https://github.com/zhouhao/Hexo-Tipue-Search-Json