Design Pattern: Decorator & Proxy

I think it is better to master 23 Design Patterns as a Java developer. After I have a brief study, I find design pattern is not a new concept, and I have already used some of them in my daily projects unconsciously. Here I will describe some details about Decorator and Proxy, as I find they share something in common.

grunt-gh-pages: Deploy Your Website into GitHub Pages

Recently, I am learning AngularJS, and I “believe” I have some progress, so that I cannot wait to puslish my work to the public. This is the repository for the AngularJS demo I write in GitHub. And I publish this work at this link: http://sbzhouhao.net/TodoApp-AngularJS-Firebase/#/todo, which is a static page hosted in GitHub Pages.

AngularJS: Change Page Title Based on Routers Dynamically

Ohhh… I find a problem that the pages do not have titles(just display as URL), when I play the demo in AngularJS Start with Yeoman, Grunt and Bower. ###Intuitively, the page title should be changed dynamically with routers’ changing.

My First Hackthon

Maybe in the June, Wen, the CEO of Smarking Inc gave a link to apply YC Hackthon. Then, in a morning, when I was waiting the subway, I got the email that my application was accepted. Not so superised, as it just means I still did the same thing(coding) in a different place. Thanks for the CMU competition, Wen can afford the flight fee for us to CA. (31st July ~ 4 August)

Responsive Table to List View With CSS

This post is related to how to make a responsive table into a List view when the browser width is pretty small. Table collapses into a “list” on small screens. Headers are pulled from data attributes. You can find the origin post here: http://codepen.io/geoffyuen/pen/FCBEg. And you can download the ZIP package with this link: http://codepen.io/geoffyuen/share/zip/FCBEg/